CEL Director Selected to Work with College Board to Form New AP Course

CEL Director Selected to Work with College Board to Form New AP Course

Having established SCH’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) as a cutting-edge program with a track record of success, CEL Director Ed Glassman was selected to work with the College Board on a new AP course offering: Business Principles.  

According to the U.S. Department of Education, business majors are among the most popular undergraduate degrees in the U.S. and can lead to high-demand careers. Hence, this AP course in Business Principles ranks at the top of requested programs by AP teachers and high school administrators. While still in the early stages of a multi-year effort to design, validate, and pilot the course, it is slated to roll out in 2027.

“Ed's selection as a member of the AP Business Principles team reflects his pioneering spirit that is consistent with the character of our school,” says Head of School Delvin Dinkins. “It's also a true testament to the success of our signature program and his expertise in entrepreneurial leadership education.”

As a member of the 2023 Writing Team, Glassman was invited to New Orleans this past October where The Advanced Placement (AP) Program convened college faculty and educators from across the nation to explore the development of this new, full-year AP course in Business Principles. 

The College Board states, “Through an engaging, full-year course that parallels the content and rigor of introductory, college-level business coursework, AP Business Principles is designed to prepare a diverse group of students for business careers while giving them the college credit and placement benefits of AP.”

Along with selected colleagues, Glassman contributed to the content development of the proposed course topics and provided meaningful feedback on the course’s entrepreneurial project and strategies for instruction,(including business case analysis. His research insights and practitioner knowledge were also called on to help develop the provisional course topics.

“I am excited about this course because it allows more students to access the sorts of experiences that we provide in CEL at SCH Academy every day," says Glassman. "AP Business Principles has the promise to better prepare a more diverse group of students for the foundational disciplines of the undergraduate business major. In addition, it provided me with the unique opportunity to collaborate with expert college faculty on the topics of business, finance, and entrepreneurship.”

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