CEL Capstone Showcase Awards

CEL Capstone Showcase Awards

A channel for podcasts written and shared by high school students ... a family card game to help address the topic of mental health ... an electronic guitar with a touch screen to access an unlimited library of sounds ... an app where users draft political representatives and earn fantasy points based on their performance ...

This fall, 37 projects emerged from the 70 sophomores who took their passion and purpose to the next level in the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership's semester-long Capstone course. Each project was born from one of the center's five studios with the help of faculty mentors who aided in bringing the students' vision to life.  

Following the culminating Showcase Night, awards were given to a project in each studio. Additionally, a handful of special honors recognized key aspects of the center's mission and the “People’s Choice,” voted by visitors to the showcase.

Studio Awards

⬥ App Studio

Listenr | David Lubell, Oliver Moscow, Theo Xiong
Listenr is an app that allows high school students to share their stories and listen to stories of others. By encouraging students of all ages to share their stories via our creative outlet, we hope to give them confidence in their own lives as well as a space to share their inner thoughts. 

⬥ New Media Studio

VR Snurfer | Dean Angelus, Patrick McNally, Tim McManus
A VR snowboard simulator experience, featuring pre-recorded lessons that realistically imitate the actual motions of snowboarding. 

⬥ Invention Studio Award

TouchPad Guitar | Tony Regli
A unique electronic guitar with a MIDI touch screen that enables the musician to use an unlimited library of sounds.

⬥ Social Impact Award

Taco ‘bout it | Chuck Norton
A fun family card game that encourages families to address the topic of mental health.

⬥ Startup Award 

Honor | Robert Gentner, Thomas Monaghan, Moje Badejoko, and Aidan Villasis
Honor is a sports drink, which replenishes the body's vital materials and aids athletes in performing at their peak level.

Mindset Awards

⬥ Infinity Prize for Resiliency

Awarded to the student or student team that demonstrated the most resiliency throughout their Capstone project, and in certain cases, prior to the semester. This student or student team embraced challenges and exhibited a relentless commitment to their goals. This prize is awarded to a student or student team that plans to continue their work beyond the Capstone program.

Clean Cosmetics | Meena Padhye

An all-natural, environmentally friendly makeup brand with a percentage of proceeds donated to help foster children.

 Delphi Opportunity-Seeking Prize

Awarded to the student or student team that identified the most interesting opportunity of all Capstone projects. This prize is intended for a student or student team that seeks to both solve problems and to make a broad, real-world impact with their solution. This prize is awarded to a student or student team that identified an opportunity independently, rather than from a list of project prompts.

ReFill | Ryan Comisky
A soda fountain for household chemicals. Instead of going to the store and buying a new plastic bottle full of soap or detergent, users can bring your own to refill. 

⬥ MacGyver Resourcefulness Prize

Awarded to the student or student team that went “beyond the classroom” in pursuit of their Capstone project. These students sought resources and knowledge that weren’t readily available. They worked with external mentors, and utilized tools and technologies in a unique and inventive fashion. This prize is awarded to a student team that made great use of their resources and took full advantage of the Capstone program.

Greenhouse Pods | Eliza Russell, Lauren Gregson

Modular greenhouse pods that provide visitors with access to nature and a moment of tranquility within a busy world.

⬥ DaVinci Creativity Prize

Awarded to the student or student team that approached their Capstone project with the most creativity. This prize has two interpretations, either of which can be applied according to student merit. The first is a student or student team who took a creative approach to solving a difficult problem. They looked at the problem with a unique perspective, and developed an elegant solution. The second would be a student or student team whose Capstone project demonstrates outstanding artistic accomplishment.

Fantasy Politics | Zach Schapiro, Lucy Pearson, Ellie Shoup, Gabby Leon-Palfrey
A mobile app where users draft political representatives and gain fantasy points based on their performance.

⬥ The Awake Leadership Prize

Awarded to the student team that expertly delegated tasks, effectively communicated as a group, and treated one another with respect. This prize is intended for a team that was able to clearly express their mission and roles in a way that demonstrated personal and professional alignment.

REShoes | Layla Sawyer, Kaia McTigue, Ama Turner
Customized, one-of-a-kind sneakers with a mission to clean up the planet.

⬥ People’s Choice Prize - based on most votes

The Real tea | Nia Hodges
Organic tea company, with a portion of every purchase donated toward providing clean water, food, and hygiene supplies for those living in refugee camps.

⬥ Sands Award

Femme Fatale | Ellie Lubin
A line of women's clothes made of up-cycled thrift store finds, with messages of empowerment and feminism printed on them.

The Sands Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is committed to developing the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset in every student at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. CEL enhances PK-13 education with learning opportunities and classes that empower students to shape their future in the world.

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