Junior Scientist is Named Finalist

Junior Scientist is Named Finalist

Each year in the spring, the Delaware Valley Science Council (DVSC) invites local area high school STEM students to participate in their Annual Awards Program. Students must be nominated by a teacher and their submissions are evaluated by 13 area scientists. Just last week, junior Sam Simon was named a finalist in the program. She is one of 21 outstanding finalists to be invited to move on to the next level of judging. 

Her project, “The Effect of Urban Runoff on Fecal Coliform Levels in the Schuylkill Watershed,” earned her a medal at the George Washington Carver Science Fair, which led to her nomination for the DVSC Awards Program this year. On the river every day in the spring as a member of the varsity crew team, Sam says, “I was very interested in investigating the health of the local waterways.“ She goes on to add, “I am passionate about science because I love problem-solving and discovering new things about the world around me.”

Case in point: Sam started a new club this year—Women in STEM—to create a space where she and her peers can explore their passions in science without the pressure and workload of a regular class. She acknowledges that “It can feel really difficult to pursue a career in STEM as a woman so I started this club so other women know that a future in STEM is possible. I am definitely interested in pursuing a career in STEM, specifically going into the medical field. One of my dream jobs is working in pediatrics.”  



Sam (in green top) is pictured here with members of the Women in STEM club.

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