Around the World in One Afternoon at SCH 

Around the World in One Afternoon at SCH 

Sunday's Multicultural & Diversity Fair was a rousing success! For SCH’s 20th annual event, the community came together to celebrate all different backgrounds and traditions with food, art, song, and dance, all in person! Crowds roamed through the cafeteria learning about different cultures, watching live performances, and trying the wonderful (and plentiful!) food samples from around the world made by our phenomenal parent volunteers. 

Head of School Delvin Dinkins opened the program by saying, “This event highlights the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the variety of cultures represented within our community. Coming together as we are doing today helps to foster respect for and a deeper understanding of cultural backgrounds. Through foods, dress, crafts, and performances, we are offering everyone the opportunity to share in learning about one another’s heritage.”

Organizers honored Lower School boys teacher Gerri Allen who had an idea two decades ago that has now become an important and beloved SCH tradition. “Thank you to chairs Anne O’Malley and Anna Chandra who have probably set a record for the longest-standing volunteers for an SCH event, and Fay Dunbar, Andrea Eckert, and the Diversity Parent Resource Network for putting all the many pieces together,” said Rayna Guy, director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at SCH. “This event would not be possible without the members of the SCH family who shared their time, traditions, and tasties to host one of our 15+ country tables, enabling guests to learn, sample, and get a passport stamp.”

And finally, a huge thank you to the fabulous performers, directors, and musicians—including many from our own community!

See photos from the afternoon, here!

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