Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader?

Not sure how to solve that equation? Well 14 of our 4th grade students do! The 4th grade students in LSG and LSB (as well as a few LSB 2nd and 3rd graders) participated in the Math Olympiad program this year. The program consists of five monthly tests of five problems each, from November to March. In their Math Enrichment class the students were given practice equations, taught how to solve difficult problems, and encouraged to think creatively. Each year, 120,000 students in over 39 countries participate in this contest. Those students who score in the top 50% are recognized by Math Olympiads and earn a patch. The high scorer for each team receives a trophy.

SCH Lower School had 14 students who were recognized this year. In addition, Elliot Bergmann ‘31 received a silver pin for finishing in the top 10%. Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Math Olympiads! 
LSG (left to right), Ainsley Gorilla, Ella Caione, Chandler Joyner, and Sasha Couzin-Frankel; LSB: (first row) Henry Iott, Aiden Zamani, Isaac Spragan, and Elliot Bergmann; (second row) Lucas Franzen, Dominic Peters, Charlie Milgram, and Roman Gilken [Absent, Harry Anderson and Richie Paul]

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