Alumni Spotlight: Samiyah Wardlaw ’18

Alumni Spotlight: Samiyah Wardlaw ’18

Recent SCH Academy alumna Samiyah Wardlaw ’18 is the co-producer, co-writer, and director of her first feature film, Burn Out, a coming-of-age summer romance story.

A 2022 Drexel University graduate with a bachelor’s in film and television, she describes the movie, which focuses on burnout culture, as Say Anything meets The Spectacular Now. Wardlaw and a fellow Drexel grad wrote (and rewrote!) the script about a young woman navigating life the summer after college. It’s no coincidence that they shot the movie this past summer, post-college graduation.

“While this story is a work of fiction,” says Wardlaw, “our personal experiences have inspired this film.”

Wardlaw was recently profiled on Drexel’s news site about her work and the long days of filming with the crew. She plans to enter her film in various festivals when it’s complete, which should be this winter. We’ll be watching, Samiyah! 

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