A Taste of Middle School Electives

A Taste of Middle School Electives

Every few weeks, the Middle School library turns into a dimly lit oasis in which students paint or draw while listening to an audiobook. Walk into Irene Yoon’s art room and it is voice-off only, where questions are being asked (and answered!) only in sign language. Follow the floral aroma down the hall to find students drinking from small, white teacups, and in Roo-Mei Jackson's class nearby, students create textiles on a peg loom while listening to music. 

This is flex. Students, grades 5 through 8, choose from dozens of electives to enjoy offerings such as Audiobooks and Art, American Sign Language and Deaf Culture, Tea Tasting and Appreciation, and Weaver’s Workshop. There are more active electives as well, from Let’s Dance to Old School Gym Games to Badminton.

"Our electives program enables students to explore their interests and passions outside of the classroom and engage with peers in other grade levels," says Catherine Baney, assistant head of Middle School. "We find that sometimes the best learning moments happen when students try something new. The variety of our electives offerings helps spark creativity and expands their full academic and personal potential."

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