A Record 46 Students Receive 'First Awards' at PJAS

A Record 46 Students Receive 'First Awards' at PJAS

A record-breaking 46 SCH students were presented with "First Awards" at this past weekend's Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) regional competition. Among the winners was Roman McNichols who received a perfect score for his project, “The Facts of Shellac." The students are now qualified to move on to the state science fair. 

The student winners were:

9th graders: Isha Ahya, Vivian Bodeman, Henry Cantlin, Maeve Carr-Lemke, Ariana Chan-van der Helm, Callan Curry, Ziya DeVeaux, Leela Gilbert-Gokhale, Emma Hannigan, Asher Hawkins, Sophia Katsman, Matthew Lee, Jiacheng (Richard) Li, Claire Lynch, Benjamin Moskovitz, Clare Murphey, Penelope Rice, Weber Salmanson, Kendall Schnee, Harmonee Summers, Ella Thomson, Rollins Whitten; 10th graders: Jahi Al-Uqdah, Alex Brown, Ella Brown, Leo Cohen, Finn Cooper, Iris Dobeck, Ariya Goswami, Alec Gupte, Chloe Hanson, Marlee Howard, Aaron Jia, Blake Juene, Gabriella Kilshaw, Joanna Leon-Palfrey, Joey Markey, Roman McNichols, Bezi Merid, Judah Meyer, Chase Meyer, Elizabeth O'Brien, Joseph Pieczynski, Charlotte Trayes, Lauren Wilson; and 11th grader Kira Vakil.

Congrats, all! 

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