A Pilot MentorSCHip Program Takes Shape

A Pilot MentorSCHip Program Takes Shape

A pilot program at SCH is pairing 15 Upper School Service Council students with Middle Schoolers to help them develop study skills and organizational strategies. The program aims to create valuable connections across divisions and prepare Middle School students for the rigors of high school.

Under the program, students get together in the CEL space once a week. During these sessions, the mentors help mentees with homework and may develop strategies for organizing their time (or lockers!), setting goals, and studying effectively.

“The MentorSCHip program, linking Upper and Middle School students, fosters academic and personal growth,” says 7th-grade dean Charlotte Giovinazzo who conceived of the program alongside English teacher Colleen DiDonato and chemistry teacher Joyce Zeka who leads the Service Council. “Upper School mentors provide insights into study techniques and organizational skills, enhancing Middle Schoolers' academic performance while nurturing leadership in mentors. These partnerships create a supportive learning community, bridging the gap between Middle and Upper School.”

The Middle School students reportedly left their first session “all smiles” and looking forward to the next, a win-win for mentors and mentees!

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