6th Grade Girls micro loans to Kiva.org

Our 6th grade girls are learning about social entrepreneurship through participation in the Kiva program—an online organization that connects potential funders with third world entrepreneurs needing only a small amount of money to pursue their entrepreneurial goals. As part of their Kiva course, the girls skyped with a community education intern at the organization who told them about new Kiva initiatives including loans to refugees and a fingerprint identification system to ease access to loans and banking in Sierra Leone.

The girls also learned about the United Nations’ global goals (such as clean water, health and well-being, reversing land degradation, etc.) and made presentations to their classmates, deciding which goals they wanted to support. They then chose to provide loans to those whose projects advanced their identified global goal. So far, the class has raised approximately $400, which they will apply to the next round of micro loans! 

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