250 Backpacks Ready for Homeless!

Senior Alexa Rhodes is “back” at it! During the school's Homecoming festivities, SCH students helped Rhodes load 250 backpacks full of  essential items for her non-profit, H.E.L.P.I.N.G. The Homeless Backpacks. Toiletries and other valuable items were lined up on tables and volunteers literally ran back and forth stuffing a mountain of backpacks. A portion of the bags will go to homeless youth at the Pan American Academy Charter School. Alexa thanks everyone who helped out and welcomes contributions to her project so that she can purchase the supplies needed to continue to fill even more packs!  “Although this backpack isn’t going to solve the entire problem of homelessness," says Alexa, "it’s definitely an item that’s going to make their lives more comfortable and secure. If you’d like to donate so our community can have another successful event like this in the future, please go to my website!

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