2022 Alumni Awards

2022 Alumni Awards

Each year, during Springside Chestnut Hill Academy’s Alumni Weekend, the school honors the service, achievements, and outstanding contributions of those within its alumni community. 

The alumni boards receive nominations and ultimately make final selections for 3 awards from each of our legacy schools—one honoring outstanding contributions and devotion to the school, one recognizing the achievements of young alumni who have graduated within the past 20 years, and one for lifetime/career accomplishments that have had an effect on the larger community.

Every three years, Players Hall of Fame awards are added to the line-up of awards and three alumni winners joined us this year—the Young Players Alumni, Special Service to Players, and Players Hall of Fame. These awards honor the work, dedication, and impact of our Players alumni in the greater community and arts world.

This year’s notables included a CNBC Washington DC correspondent and author, an award-winning indie video game designer, environmental education and garden activist, a sitcom comedy writer, and more.  We are SCH Proud.

Please enjoy all the award winners' profiles here.

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