The history of Springside Chestnut Hill Academy goes back to 1861 when the school transformed from the historic Wissahickon Inn to the all-boys' school known as Chestnut Hill Academy. Meanwhile, in 1879 the all-girls' school opened nearby and became known as the Springside School in 1899. The two schools merged in 2011, sharing traditions and legacies that are still felt today. 

Two of the most popular are Blue & Gold Day (for girls) and Blue & Blue Day (for boys). Upon entering SCH, each family is assigned a color (light blue, dark blue, blue or gold) and each day is dedicated to the spirit and vibrancy around school (and color) pride. 

Another popular legacy is the relationship that exists between the lower school grades and the SCH seniors. Each senior is assigned one or two pre-k to 1st grade students to be their "Buddy". The kids look forward to the special picnics, classroom visits, and activities that happen throughout the year. 

Every SCH senior is required to give a senior speech and it is typically given during Upper School assembly. Every speech is unique to the student and guided by the student's advisor or faculty mentor. 

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