Clubs, Activities, & Councils

Clubs, Activities, & Councils

With over 40 choices, activities and clubs lets students discover new interests, take on leadership roles, and make friendships across grade levels. In the beginning of each school year, Upper School holds a Clubs and Activities Fair for students to browse and select ones they're interested in.

Throughout the year, clubs and activities meet during lunch periods, “activities block” (held weekly during the school day), or after school before sports. While activities require more of a commitment and work outside of school, clubs are more laid-back and require less of a formal commitment about attendance and participation. Each club and activity is student-led with a faculty advisor who mentors the student leaders and help at events, fundraisers, or upon request.

Sample offerings include:

  • Black Student Union
  • Honor Council
  • Model UN
  • Players
  • Robotics
  • Yearbook
  • Eco Club
  • Fashion Club
  • GSA
  • World Languages Clubs
  • Student Ambassadors

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