Virginia Newlin '38

Ginnie represents multiple generations well by living a life full of intellectual curiosity, athleticism, and a passion for nature. 
At the celebration of her 70th reunion in 2008, Ginnie shared that “going to Springside set me off on the right path. It taught me that I was as smart and capable as any boy. It taught me to reason, express my ideas, and to do so in front of even my father. Because of that, I was never afraid to speak up in a class, and with experience, in public. The Springside curriculum of my day encouraged a love of language and literature: English, French, Latin. I am still able (however inexpertly) to read some of the two latter, speak some French, and teach and work in English prose and poetry. Add to that, the expert instruction we got in math and science—and our training in sports, which taught us to use our bodies early in life. (I am still doing aerobic dance and playing tennis.) Springside prepared me to lead an active, thinking, committed life. What more could any girl want of her schooling?”
Ginnie graduated from Springside and matriculated at Smith. The ever-hungry student then attended business school and took some writing courses at Penn. She married and lived in Paoli, riding her horses and raising five children. 
Without an undergraduate degree, she was accepted to St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She received a master's in liberal arts and did a year of continuing education at Bryn Mawr, later enrolling in London’s Antioch College where she received another master’s degree in creative writing.  
Ginnie became an accomplished teacher of writers and poets. She taught in the English Department at Temple and she has been teaching at the Main Line Night School for many years.
She is also a talented writer and poet and is the official East Goshen, PA Poet Laureate. In this role, Ginnie has called upon local poets to create their own masterpieces and share them in summer poetry reading sessions in the park.

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