Stephen Skeel '13

The Young Alumnus Award recognizes the achievements of an alumnus who has graduated within the past 20 years. It honors his excellence in his career or in service to the community. In 2021, the Young Alumnus Award was presented to Stephen Skeel, Class of 2013. 

After graduating from, Stephen attended NYU and studied film production. While in college, he made music videos and did some film festivals and started a production company in his sophomore year of college. In his senior year at NYU, he graduated early and devoted himself full-time to his company. He and his business partner formed 7 Wonders Cinema and Stephen is the executive producer. 

A former teacher said: “Stephen created a business in the same way as he built his video production skills, through grit and hard work. One of the last videos he created while at SCH was an explanation of how he created special effects so his audience could see the layers and complexity of this type of operation. He still creates these videos in the professional world while on a grander level. He is both a teacher and artist and he is always learning new and exciting ways to wow his audience.”

The company produces short documentaries and also worked with Comcast, Blue Shield and Mastercard.  Some of their work includes a documentary about one of the last surviving paratroopers from D-day attacks from WWII and that was distributed by National Geographic. He also recently finished producing a short documentary about a country music artist who suffered a stroke and his road to recovery. Other projects include filmed commercials with Mercedes Benz, Manhattan and US Bank. His company has also produced corporate videos for Wasabi technology, Jitjatjo. He has worked with SCH to make a video for fundraising for the new McCausland lower school. Seven Wonders just opened an office in LA and now is a 10 person company.


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