Eamon Javers '90

Eamon Javers '90

"Eamon Javers joined CNBC in June 2010 as a Washington reporter based at the bureau in the nation’s capital. He is currently a senior Washington correspondent focusing on the role of money and influence in Washington, D.C. Eamon also reports on the U.S. Department of Justice and its Antitrust Division’s expected battle with Big Tech.

Previously, he was a White House reporter for Politico, where he covered the intersection of Wall Street and Washington. He has conducted investigations of the administration’s financial bailouts and economic stimulus efforts, broke news about the presidency of Barack Obama, and authored trend stories on Washington.

Prior to joining Politico, Eamon was a Washington correspondent for BusinessWeek magazine writing extensively about Washington lobbying, including the Jack Abramoff scandal, and unearthing previously unknown incidents of corporate espionage. He also was an on-air correspondent for CNBC, where he covered the intersection of business and politics. Javers’ articles have appeared in Fortune, Money, Congressional Quarterly, and Slate.com. He began his career at The Hill, a weekly newspaper (and website) covering Congress.

Javers is the author of the book Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy: The Secret World of Corporate Espionage, which revealed a never-before-reported CIA policy allowing active-duty officers to moonlight in the private sector.”

CHA Master Teacher Paul Hines H’03 remembers that “as a Middle School history student, Eamon quickly learned how to prepare for class and tests. Making detailed outlines, asking questions, and organizing his study time enabled Eamon to become an excellent student. His work ethic also helped him become an outstanding 300-meter hurdler. His attention to his hard workouts for track has carried over in his occupation as a journalist.”

As a fellow journalist and CHA ​alumnus, Clark Groome, Class of 1960, shared "watching Eamon on any number of Washington ​Week in ​Reviews and elsewhere, it is clear that he is a thorough, accurate, and well-spoken journalist deserving of every professional accolade and this honor from the CHA Alumni Association." 

Just as Eamon honored the five stripes—courage, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and sportsmanship—while a student at CHA, as a professional he has honored the Journalist’s Creed and its commitment to upholding the public trust. Eamon, we are pleased to celebrate your many contributions to the world of journalism and to keeping the public educated and informed. Congratulations.

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