Anne Stout, Aimee Keough, and Eileen Baughan

The 2021 DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD recognizes a small but mighty group of colleagues, who, through their devotion to the health and safety of our community, have made an outstanding contribution to the SCH community. We present this year’s award to our “COVID” Team—Anne Stout, Eileen Baughan, Dr. Heather Lubell, and Aimee Keough.

In an extraordinary year, this group of medical professionals has worked together to guide SCH through the challenges and complexities of the pandemic in order to keep our SCH community safe and functioning. Their protocols, research, guidance, communication, oversight, and expertise reflect the extraordinary care and dedication that they brought to their work over the past 15 months. From managing Magnus Health, our online health-check system, to providing mask guidance, dispensing supplies, and monitoring COVID cases, and keeping the community informed about the latest public health updates, this team kept our students in school and learning in person as much as was humanly possible during a very unpredictable year.

Anne Stout, an honorary 2011 alumna, is our Lower School Nurse. She started working at Springside in 1996. Anne is married to CHA alum Mark Stout, Class of 1971, and is a parent of three former Springside and CHA students. Anne holds a bachelor’s in nursing BSN from Vanderbilt University.

Eileen Baughan joined SCH in 2014 as the nurse on the Willow Grove Campus, and then became the Upper School Nurse. She has  a BA degree from Siena College, an MBA from Wharton, and a bachelor’s in nursing from LaSalle University.

Aimee Keough, a 2020 honorary alumna, joined Springside in 2005. She is the mother of three SCH students, and the assistant athletic director and athletic trainer. During this past year, Aimee took on the additional significant responsibility of serving as chair of the school’s Health and Safety Subcommittee. In this role, she attended multiple COVID-19 seminars over the summer before the 2021 school year and achieved certification in contact tracing from Johns Hopkins University. She helped put together the plan for reopening the school that was submitted to the state and the SCH community. During the school year, as resident contact tracing expert, Aimee was responsible for monitoring students with the virus and managing the timing of their return to school. She earned a BS from West Chester University and a master’s in education from Wagner College.

Dr. Heather Lubell is a parent of two boys—a rising SCH senior and a 2018 graduate. Heather’s father is also CHA alumnus, Class of ‘57. She serves as the SCH medical director and in this role, was instrumental in guiding, consulting, and advising the school on best practice. When Heather is not advising our administrative team, she’s working at her “day job” as a pediatrician at Yardley Pediatrics. She is a graduate of Haverford College and The University of Pennsylvania Medical School.

Thank you, and congratulations to our amazing health staff who helped us make it through the year that will never be forgotten—Anne, Eileen, Aimee and Heather.

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