Barry Shannon '70

Barry Shannon '70

Class agents are, of course, the backbone of any school’s continuing relationship with its alumni. Unfortunately, over the years - out of neglect or because of the controversies surrounding the handling of the CHA merger with Springside - many CHA classes had lost their class agents and were drifting away from the school.  We did not want to let that happen with our class, or with any others.
And so, starting last fall, Barry Shannon and Bruce Morgan, both members of the class of 1970, volunteered to lead an effort to revitalize the class agent system.  Their goal was to engage at least one agent for every existing CHA class. They have done an amazing job! And for good reason, as their commitment to the school runs long and deep.

Barry was a “lifer” here, joining the school in kindergarten and continuing with distinction through his senior year.  Even though he left Philadelphia soon after graduation, and lives in central Ohio today, he has been a loyal attendee of all of our reunions, and a co-organizer with our late, lamented classmate Rug Hall, of a number of legendary and highly successful “Rugapaluzza” concerts held in the Rec.  Barry has served as our class agent since 2005.

Last October, with the enthusiastic support of Steve Druggan and the SCH Development Office, and with the encouragement and help of several members of the Alumni Association Executive Board, Barry and Bruce set out to work locating, contacting, and encouraging countless lapsed alumni to rejoin the ranks. Thanks to their remarkable efforts, more than 75 alumni have agreed to serve as class agents for classes ranging from 1956 to 2017. Only four classes now remain without agents.
For their initiative and commitment to the school, and in recognition of their tireless efforts on behalf of all CHA alumni, the Alumni Association has decided that Barry Shannon and Bruce Morgan have earned and should share the 2018 Alumnus of the Year Award.

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