Anne Sudduth

When students and faculty recommended changes to how cafeteria waste is handled at SCH, the school’s leadership was ready and willing to invest in a Zero Waste Cafeteria initiative with new waste sorting stations and a relationship with a commercial compost hauler that made a significant dent in the school’s carbon footprint.

None of our Zero Waste project would have been possible without Anne’s knowledge, coordination, and patience. The commitment to going green was already in place as part of the school’s long-term vision, but Anne made it a reality. Today, after any meal, students, teachers, and staff choose between three bins for their waste: recycling, waste, and food compost. Above each receptacle are examples of what should be put in each bin. Additionally, the school is phasing out plastic bottles, and to do so, Anne has set up infused water tasting stations—orange and lime, cucumber and mint, and all kind of mixtures that the community is voting on as alternative options to bottled water, lemonade, iced tea, and gatorade. 

Anne practices what she preaches, as she is co-founder and principal of Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants with former science teacher Mary Ann Boyer. They help educational communities formulate and achieve environmental sustainability goals through strategic planning, assessment and analysis, team building, program development, project implementation, measurement, and reporting. Our school is the perfect example of Anne and Mary Ann’s ability to work with school leaders, faculty, and staff to promote sustainable choices and to engage students in environmental stewardship.  

With the Distinguished Service Award, we are able to thank Anne for: 

  • Being a class parent.
  • Participating in the school’s Eco Clubs and sustainability efforts.
  • Bringing us the incredibly powerful screening of the critically acclaimed documentary A Girl Rising.
  • Helping our school monitor and measure our environmental impact in ways that streamline costs and reduce waste.
  • Ensuring our sustainability practices so that they meet national standards and best practices for green schools.
  • Supporting us in achieving recognition for our green initiatives and identifying award programs and grants.
  • Engaging and educating our entire community—students, faculty, staff, cafeteria staff, and facilities management.

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