Aleah Welsh '12

Aleah Welsh '12

Aleah is currently a comedy writer for the ABC sitcom “The Goldbergs”. Aleah joined an improv group in Center City when she was just 15, was a Player throughout her high school career, and started writing sketch comedy when she was a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania.  A part of the comedy group called the Bloomers, which had been started in 1978, Aleah committed herself to pursuing a career in TV comedy. 

After graduating from Penn, She began her career on the East Coast before moving to LA and transitioning into the narrative space. She’s studied improv with The Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and Los Angeles. 

Aleah started working for Nancy Glass, a six-time Emmy Award-winning TV writer, host, and producer in Bala Cynwyd. She went on to work in many different capacities as a production assistant, associate producer, and assistant director for the Glass Entertainment Group. Aleah was back in Philadelphia and working for Nancy Glass again when a friend told her that “The  Goldbergs” was hiring new staffers. Aleah started as a production assistant. Then, in seasons 7 and 8 she worked for Alex Barnow, who took over for Adam Goldberg in 2019 as the program's “showrunner” (the person who has overall creative authority for a TV program). She is now a writer's assistant and office production assistant on the shows “The Goldbergs” and “Schooled” on ABC and has been writing scripts, one of which, “The Strangest Affair of All Time,” aired on ABC in March 2022.

Aleah’s former Players Director, Jill Garrett shared, “You could always expect a little mischief, a lot of enthusiasm and laughter when Aleah was in the building, especially when she was joined by her cohort Leise Trueblood. She always tackled the job at hand and delivered unforgettable performances. It’s no surprise that she accomplished so much in such a short time!”

Aleah’s most recent development project centers around comedian Becky Robinson's viral online character, “Entitled Housewife,” with legendary comedy writer, Mike Sikowitz attached to showrun. The youngest child of a therapist and bartender-turned-owner (two sides of the same coin, some say), her storytelling relies on her keen observation skills and ability to mine the human condition for inspired comedy grounded in real-life humor (and sometimes trauma).

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