Message from Head of School: November 2023

Message from Head of School: November 2023

As we close out the first two months of the school year and take in the autumnal air, I continue to marvel at our SCH community. In keeping with my goal of communicating regularly and transparently, I am pleased to share with you a quarterly update. My goal with these updates is to provide curricular, strategic, and community highlights across the school, as well as meditations on any number of topics. While the updates are not meant to be all-encompassing, I hope they will provide insight into life at SCH. 

I entered the school year with an immense sense of possibility and an ambitious set of personal and professional goals. My attention this school year is focused on three main priorities: (1) getting to know the community, (2) advancing the current roadmap for the school, and (3) assessing new strategies that will move the school forward. I will use the first two priorities to frame this update, although you will note the priorities are not mutually exclusive. You will hear about the third priority at a later date.

Please refer here for my full message and highlights of our strategic roadmap.

SCH is an incredible place that bustles with energy. We are a hard-working, happy school. As I have said before, it is a place that rolls up its sleeves without hesitation. It has an agile, let’s-get-to-work mindset that is inimitable. This is one of our core competencies. I think that’s pretty cool. People are passionate about SCH and talk emotionally about their connection, affection, and loyalty. Until my next update, best wishes for a joyous, healthy holiday season, which will be here before we know it!  

With warm regards,

Delvin M. Dinkins, Ed.D.
Head of School

P.S. With this communication, I am also sharing a recent reflection on the passing of our beloved dog, Bosley.

"What privilege and responsibility it is to take care of a creature, and what beauty it is for that creature to hold such significance in your life."

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