Ethel "Babbie" Benson Nalle Wetherill '42

  • 2007 Induction Class
Ethel "Babbie" Benson Nalle Wetherill '42

Babbie Benson Nalle Wetherill played field hockey, half-court basketball, and lacrosse in what she terms “the dark ages,” but her real athletic love then and now is golf. In the spring of her junior and senior years, the school allowed her to play matches on Sunnybrook Golf Club’s team twice a week. That meant she could leave school as long as she returned for lacrosse practice and games. She was the youngest member of the golf team and never missed any lacrosse requirements. After WWII, Babbie played in local tournaments and then in 1952 went on the women’s amateur tour playing tournaments and covering the tour as a staff writer for Golf World. She returned to Philadelphia in time to win the Philadelphia championship in 1953 and was asked to go “pro” and be sponsored by Wilson Sports. But she chose to put her considerable energy into raising her five children. While her family became her top priority, she did go on to win Sunnybrook’s women’s golf championship 13 times. Sunnybrook Golf Club professional John Allen says of Babbie, “She is one of the finest players in the Philadelphia region. In fact, she has been the club champion here over six decades and we are mighty proud of her.”

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