1980 Lacrosse Teams

  • 2007 Induction Class
1980 Lacrosse Teams

The 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame Award also goes to the undefeated 1980 Varsity and Junior Varsity lacrosse teams. To have one undefeated team is amazing, but to have undefeated Varsity and JV teams in the same sport defies the odds. Leslie Blankin Lane ’75, Assistant to the Athletic Director at CHA, was the coach of both teams and describes her experience as follows:

I was lucky enough to inherit a group of players who had good basic skills due to Ann Morton, their previous coach and my coach as a player at Springside.  As a first time Varsity coach, I took the approach that no position was guaranteed because I did not know any of the players. I took what I learned in my U.S. lacrosse experience and applied them to my daily practices.  I dared each player to challenge herself and each did.  They battled so ferociously in practice that it made the actual games much easier.  They were a cohesive unit who were eager to win and gave all that I asked of them.  I have never coached a team since that first season that had such a desire to learn, improve, and win as much as this group.

Team member Jennifer Myers ’82 remembers, “Springside’s Varsity lacrosse team went up against some extremely powerful rivals—the final game was against Agnes Irwin, who was also undefeated at the time—to win the league. The Irwin game went to the final minute when Springside scored to clinch the undefeated championship title.  Nineteen-eighty was truly a remarkable year for Springside athletics! Most of these players pursued their passion for lacrosse in college.” And, Nina McDowell Lamb ’82, Springside’s Middle School Athletic Director, adds, “The lacrosse team was an extremely competitive group, who gave 110% day in and day out. The players also had great team chemistry.  We truly believed in ourselves and fought hard.  Leslie was the driving force and the main reason we were able to accomplish so much.  She gave so much of herself to making us be the best team we could be—and we wanted to give back and prove she was right.” These were two remarkable teams and an equally remarkable coach. Congratulations and may you be an inspiration to all our girls.


Jennifer Myers ’82, Nina McDowell Lamb ’82, Anna Cooke Smith ’82, Lyn Jordan McCarthy ’81, Pam Gillin Mannion ’81, Sarah Hunter ’81, Christine Fleming ’80, Margie Munez Urbanczyk ’80, Cathie Boyer ’80, Meg Rhoda Rohtla ’80, Leigh Rebmann Oler ’80, Jenny Meigs ’80.

Junior Varsity

Lucy Nalle Weed ’83, Monica Rose Hustead ’83, Evie Zepernick ’83, Leslie Gillin Bohner ’83, Ellin O’Rourke Meurer ’83, Nancy O’Brien Weidner ’83, Leslie Klenk Gastonguay ’82, Jennifer Sargent Clayson ’82, Holly Sorokin Utt ’82, Rosalie Hunter ’82, Amy Smith ’81, Caroline Connor ’81, Cathy McGuckin ’81.

The 1980 Undefeated Varsity and JV lacrosse teams with their winning coach Leslie Blankin Lane '75.  Row 1: Christine Fleming ’80, Lyn Jordan McCarthy ’81, Sarah Hunter ’81, Margie Munez Urbanczyk ’80, Nina McDowell Lamb ’82, Anna Cooke Smith ’82.  Row 2: Jennifer Myers ’82, Leigh Rebmann Oler ’80, Jenny Meigs ’80, Leslie Klenk Gastonguay ’82, Pam Gillin Mannion ’81, Cathie Boyer ’80.  Row 3:  Caroline Connor ’81, Evie Zepernick ’83, Leslie Gillin Bohner ’83, Cathy McGuckin ’81, Holly Sorokin Utt ’82, Amy Smith ’81, Ellin O’Rourke Meurer ’83, Lucy Nalle Weed ’83.  Row 4: Jennifer Sargent Clayson ’82, Rosalie Hunter ’82, Monica Rose Hustead ’83. Row 5: Nancy O’Brien Weidner ’83 and Coach Leslie Blankin Lane ’75, (missing: Meg Rhoda Rohtla ’80).

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