Dominique Regli ’20

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Dominique Regli ’20

Johns Hopkins University, pursuing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering 

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of our engineering & robotics program, we are highlighting some of our alumni who are at various points in their careers, from working in nuclear engineering labs to working on the ocean floor. 

On Robotics

"My participation in the SCH robotics program gave me a family. Of course, I learned valuable engineering skills that prepared me well for my undergrad in mechanical engineering, but my favorite memories are those of small but cherished moments that built lifelong friendships. From the chaos of overnight bus rides to Detroit to late-night talks in the girls’ bathroom to 6 AM Wawa runs. Those are the memories I look back on and laugh about with my friends to this day.”

On Mentoring

“The most valuable thing I learned in robotics was how to communicate with and be a mentor to others. It was incredibly rewarding in my senior year to be able to take a step back from my work on various subteams in order to help train the next group of students to succeed in the coming years. This experience not only fueled my love of engineering but also gave me a passion for leadership and helping others reach their own goals.”

Co-captains, Dominique Regli at right, during World Championship year

Co captains, Dominique Regli at right, during World Championship Year

  • 2020
  • robotics

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