This Fire Game is Strong

We all know the athletes who grew up with a sport, are committed to being the best, or who love their game, right? This week we are fired up about a super athlete who is more passionate about what comes with the game and not just the game. SCH junior Al Amadou, also known as Big Al, joined our community this year and has embraced all sides of SCH. Back in 2019, Al lost two of the most important men in his life in the span of two-weeks, his father and uncle, and yet he still is able to radiate positivity. The SCH community fuels his fire. Whether it’s a wave in the hallway, check-in with his advisor, or teacher engaging him in class; SCH acknowledges him as a person and not just a player. “They see me for me and want to see me succeed, both on and off the court,” says Big Al. Standing 6 foot 9 inches, Big Al has a personality to match and brings big vibes to SCH. It’s spread like wildfire! 

♦ ♦ ♦

Our 2021-22 social media campaign, Fired Up Fridays, pays tribute to the message engraved in the stone mantelpiece above the fireplace in the Henry Library that reads: “Kyndle yr awne ffyre” (Kindle Your Own Fire). Each Friday we will shine a light on members of the school community whose passion runs deep for a particular interest, activity, class, or hobby. #FiredUpFridays posts on Insta and Facebook, so be sure to follow along! 

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