Taking a Chance for His Home Country

Taking a Chance for His Home Country

A new exhibition is set to open in the Barbara Crawford Gallery on campus and proceeds will go to an orphanage in Kabul whose resources have become scarce after the Taliban regained control in 2021. Senior Hirmand Azimi is taking a chance that people at SCH and the community will care. He and his Center for Entrepreneurial partners—Sam Harris (Azimi’s cousin) and Jacob Becker—are taking a chance that people will come to the opening and show that they organized through the Heela Foundation to raise awareness for the children in the Shamsa Children’s Village Orphanage in his home country of Afghanistan. “Through collaboration and teamwork, we want to help these kids who’ve lost their parents to war,” he says. 

Hirmand and his family fled Afghanistan when the capital city of Kabul was captured by the Taliban in August 2021. Now, just under two years later, his goal is to “delve into the rich history and culture of this war-torn country” and raise $20,000 for Shamsa Children's Village, a project begun by his aunt, whose mission is to “support and educate the bright children of Afghanistan.”

The show, which runs from May 31 through August 4, will showcase artwork by Kabul-based artist Ghulam Nabi, as well as portraits taken by photographer Massoud Etimadi. There will also be photographs by the Shamsa children, taken as part of their art therapy program. 

“We’re at a school—we’re so privileged to be at such a warm and loving school like SCH that has so many great facilities—we decided that if we have these warm and generous people, we could ask and gain their support to benefit Afghan children,” says Hirmand. 

This CEL project was a result of last winter’s Capstone class as a showcase winner. Stay tuned for this spring virtual Capstone Showcase (live on June 1-2) to vote for your favorite new project! sch.org/cel 

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