SCH Teachers Inspire SCHancetaking

SCH Teachers Inspire SCHancetaking

Frank Jackson '14 took a chance to become a writer, and former faculty member and poet Iain Pollock inspired Jackson when he was still a student.

"I think you were a big part of (taking chances) for me," Jackson told Pollock in a recent discussion on risk-taking, "because (in class) we took chances as writers. And that led to chance taking in our careers. It's caused me to take a leap of faith and become a writer myself."

SCH allows for those leaps, according to Pollock.

"I think it's part of what (students) learn here and the work that the school does in not prescribing one specific path but being open to students finding their own voice and their own path," says Pollock.

Watch their discussion below.

Pollock and Jackson Chance Takers

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