Quite Paw-ssibly the Cutest Yet

Lower School student Gracie has a love of dogs that is so strong, it ignited her desire to find ways to save them halfway across the world. In 2021, Gracie convinced her family to get involved with Fly to Freedom Dog Rescue, an organization that flies stray dogs to safety from Anguila. What started with Gracie's family fostering a few awesome dogs at a time has evolved into the launch of her own business—Barkin' Bones. She bakes and sells dog biscuits and offers pet-sitting services to help raise money for rescue dogs, and 100% of her proceeds go to Fly to Freedom. Thus far she has raised $690 for the organization which helped save two puppies from being euthanized and paid for their flight to Newark in December. Gracie has baked and distributed 145 bags of treats locally, with 95 going to homeless dogs in Montco through the SPCA. Way to go, Gracie, the canine population is fur-tunate to have you on their side. Help fuel Gracie’s fire by checking out her website: barkinbones.org

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Our 2021-22 social media campaign, Fired Up Fridays, pays tribute to the message engraved in the stone mantelpiece above the fireplace in the Henry Library that reads: “Kyndle yr awne ffyre” (Kindle Your Own Fire). Each Friday we will shine a light on members of the school community whose passion runs deep for a particular interest, activity, class, or hobby. #FiredUpFridays posts on Insta and Facebook, so be sure to follow along! 

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