Pint-Sized Pure Power

He may be pint-sized, but he is pure power. When it comes to athleticism, Mason hit the lottery, but also, it runs in the family, quite literally. From an early age Mason has watched and looked up to his older brother, Julian, who also has a love of sports. Mason’s passions lie in football, basketball, and track. Many believe Mason could probably dribble a basketball before he could walk, taking after his parents who played basketball in college. By 3 years old he joined a track team, just like his big brother, which ignited his passion for the sport. “Track is my favorite because I am fast and I have a lot of success in it,” says Mason. That’s putting it lightly. Just last summer, at the AAU National Club Championships, in Orlando FL, Mason became the 8U (8-under) long jump national champion, finished 3rd in the 200 meter, and 5th in the 100 meter, making him a 3-time Track and Field All-American! Now that’s a lot of bling. But before track season even begins, Mason is playing basketball on various club teams, and this winter alone he won 5 championships. 

When Mason isn’t playing a sport (which is rare) he is either cheering on one of his 3 brothers’ games/practices or watching (probably even assisting) his dad coach SCH’s boys varsity basketball or the SCH track. Mason’s parents believe that “SCH has taught Mason to be resilient. Playing competitive sports is not always easy and Mase is constantly working hard to get better—whether it’s on the track, court, field, or classroom.” Mason can’t wait to play for SCH one day. Don’t worry, Mason, we can’t either!

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