Our Smokin' Reveal

Our Smokin' Reveal

DYK? The Blue Devil costume was fabricated 18 years ago (given by the class of 2004) and has been worn by over a dozen members of the SCH community (from the professional mascot coach and boys' Middle School teacher, Mr. Blyweiss, to the former director of parent engagement).

But you really just wanna WHO, right? Drum roll, please! It’s SCH senior Kayla Runkel!

While putting on the suit and becoming SCH's Blue Devil may look easy, it's far from it. There's a whole lot more to operate than just a sweaty costume and a wave. Kayla’s journey began with her coach, Mr. B, back as a young freshman and has grown into a treasured mascot that has waved with the best of them (The Eagles Swoop, ​​Union Soccer Team’s Phang, and Princeton’s Tiger). Because mascots don’t talk, they have to learn how to use their whole body to express emotion. Practicing in front of the mirror in the dance studio was the first step, then graduating to movements with the costume on, and finally remembering how it all goes together with padding and purpose. “Before I walk out with Kayla as the Blue Devil, I have her find her eyes, horns, feet, belt, and nose,” says Mr. B. When wearing a 5-lb. head and oversized shoes, one’s never quite sure what’s around them. That's why most mascots need a handler like Nick, who often helps Kayla navigate. “I’m a pretty shy person, so when I put on the suit, I make myself become as animated as possible. If they seem excited, I will engage a bit more, but if they're nervous, I usually just offer a friendly wave,” states Kayla. “While hot and tiring, it’s been an honor to be a part of SCH’s mascot history.”

This Blue Devil has grown a lot in her 4 years becoming SCH’s biggest and most beloved fan. We only hope there is someone out there to don the head and continue the mascot tradition. Though we know the face behind the mask, it’s the same Blue Devil you’ve always loved and admired. Go Blue Devils!

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