Masks Off For This Mascot

You’re hot. You’re sweating. Your feet don’t fit quite right, your fingers are four instead of five, but your smile is bigger than it’s ever been. You’re feeling fire inside the SCH Blue Devil mascot suit as you strut around campus getting high fives, hugs, waves, and “Hey, it’s the Blue Devil!” like a local celebrity. 
The Blue Devil has a big weekend ahead at Temple University to celebrate Hooter the Owl’s birthday & the men’s basketball v. USF game, Sunday at 2:00 PM. If you’re interested in checking out the Blue Devil in all his glory (including mascot friends, games, and family-friendly fun) tickets are as low as $10. Read the weekly SCHout’s (SCH’s enewsletter) Tips & Reminders section for ticket link and details. 
Burning to know WHO IS THE MASCOT!? All will be answered after SCH Day when we set up the smoke show to reveal which SCH student is THE BLUE DEVIL. Masks off for this mascot next Friday, March 18…look for our #FiredUpFridays post that day as the hottest secret at SCH will be revealed!

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Our 2021-22 social media campaign, Fired Up Fridays, pays tribute to the message engraved in the stone mantelpiece above the fireplace in the Henry Library that reads: “Kyndle yr awne ffyre” (Kindle Your Own Fire). Each Friday we will shine a light on members of the school community whose passion runs deep for a particular interest, activity, class, or hobby. #FiredUpFridays posts on Insta and Facebook, so be sure to follow along! 

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