Let's Get Hatchin'!

Why did the chickens cross the road? To get to the KFC Farm—that is the Katy Friedland’s Chicken Farm! Starting in 2017, our very own Friedland family—Julien ‘25, Wyatt ‘29, Violet ‘32, Zoe ‘32, and faculty member Katy along with her husband—have been busy learning all there is to know about chickens! Currently, the “Friedland Flock” consists of 15 ladies, all of a different breed. Why different breeds, you ask? Because each chicken produces a different colored egg. On the KFC Farm, they are eggs-pecting various shades of blue, green, brown, white, peach, and even speckled! During the “laying season” their chickens lay up to 10+ eggs a day (that’s 70 eggs/week) and that’s no eggs-aggeration! This means a lot of eggs for eating and sharing with friends—poached, scrambled, sunnyside up, or fried—the Friedland family enjoys them all!

Not only are the Friedland’s eggs-pert chicken trainers (yes, they have trained the chickens to come when they hear that treat bag!), but they are also egg-cellent at naming their feathered friends. Our favorite names are Margaret Hatcher, Eggy Murphy, Nugget, and Peep. 

DYK: Chickens have been a beloved educational pet at SCH for years in our early ed? The Pre-K girls and ECC students are learning about chickens and watching eggs hatch, right in their classrooms! We even used to have a “Coop Club” where lower school students collected SCH eggs and donated to the community!

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