From the Bottom of Our “Hearths”

The SCH Parents Association and committed volunteers have spent the school year HUSTLING, always with a fire in their bellies and a smile under their masks. From Halloween Trunk-or-Treat to the high-wire act at the Carnival for the Commons, and everything in between, these #FiredUp parents aren’t just bringing brownies in for the bake sale, they’re heating up by the SCHnack Shack grill and cheering with passion for our SCH Blue Devils. 
This year’s fearless leader, our Wonder Woman Fay Dunbar, was game for TikTok, dress up, axe-throwing, and more! Without her (and others before her), our SCH community wouldn’t feel as magical, connected, or as loyal. We thank you, Fay, and all of our many, many PA volunteers from the bottom of our “hearths” for all your hard work (while also working a day job!), dedication, and joy that you have donated to SCH. 
It’s been trying times, but we’re starting to see through the smoke. Fires are meant to provide heat, hope, light, and company. While we strive to live the motto carved on the Henry Library mantle, “Kindle your own fire,” we are so grateful to have such a strong parent community helping us fuel the flame. 

Our 2021-22 social media campaign, Fired Up Fridays, pays tribute to the message engraved in the stone mantelpiece above the fireplace in the Henry Library that reads: “Kyndle yr awne ffyre” (Kindle Your Own Fire). Each Friday we will shine a light on members of the school community whose passion runs deep for a particular interest, activity, class, or hobby. #FiredUpFridays posts on Insta and Facebook, so be sure to follow along!

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