Dance Dance Revolution

By day, Nora and Sienna are like any other SCH Upper Schooler: six classes, advisory, lunch with friends, and maybe a study hall. But once the school day is done, it’s all hustle, a lot of driving, and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE. Both girls are at their dance studios 4+ hours every day + weekends. That’s 7 full days heading to On Edge Movement in Oaks for Sienna and Pennsylvania Academy of Dance Arts in Collegeville for Nora, or dance “conventions” which could be anywhere in the tri-state area. Both girls have been dancing for over 10 years and have discovered a passion that challenges them physically—no doubt!—but have also found a second family that supports them, and keeps them fired up to come back! Nodding in agreement, they shared that dance applies to all aspects of their lives:  discipline, dedication, life skills, networking opportunities… it’s all there.  And, an insane capacity for memorization, whether learning a new combination in classes or competing with the repertoire they’ve worked on for months. Be sure to swipe right on the stack of photos… a picture is worth a thousand words and these ladies are ablaze with grace, poise, and athleticism. 

Our 2021-22 social media campaign, Fired Up Fridays, pays tribute to the message engraved in the stone mantelpiece above the fireplace in the Henry Library that reads: “Kyndle yr awne ffyre” (Kindle Your Own Fire). Each Friday we will shine a light on members of the school community whose passion runs deep for a particular interest, activity, class, or hobby. #FiredUpFridays posts on Insta and Facebook, so be sure to follow along!

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