5,000 Years of History, One Chance

5,000 Years of History, One Chance

We kick off our #SCHanceTakers✨series with SCH Academy senior Kyrie. 

The Beijing native moved to America to attend high school at SCH. It’s a chance that was unique to him, he thought, as no one in his family had gotten very far in high school. But, he realized recently, his dad had made choices that allowed him to pursue a different life.

"If you have the choice, you want to make sure you seize the chance and don't let it slip away,” he says.

Kyrie was the first senior to deliver his Senior Speech this year (an SCH tradition).

“I realized my dad and I are more alike than I thought. At the age of 16, we both left what we knew: him, his village, and me, my apartment in Beijing, for a new environment where we were complete strangers. But the stories aren’t necessarily the exact same, because while he left home to survive, I had a choice, a choice that was created for me by my dad’s struggles long ago.”

Watch Kyrie's speech below or read the full text here.

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