SCH Wrestlers Compete at Inter-Ac Tournament

SCH Wrestlers Compete at Inter-Ac Tournament

14 SCH wrestlers competed at their first Inter-Ac competition hosted by Germantown Academy.

Before the tournament, all of the seniors were recognized. We thank SCH seniors Justin Moderski, Pat Ferns, and Tyler Guzik. Thank you for your commitment to Blue Devil wrestling. You will be missed next year!

Wearing masks and having each mat washed after each bout, the wrestling team took to the mats competing against Germantown, Episcopal, and Haverford School.

Tyler Guzik '21, RJ Moore '22, Micah Ford '23, Andrew Mahony '24, and Matt Rizzo '24 all went undefeated for the day. Pat Ferns was 2-1. Tyler Guzik led the team with three falls while Pat Ferns, Andrew Mahony, Micah Ford, and Matt Rizzo all registered two falls. Grant Guzik '23 and Mac Levin '22 each had one pin. RJ Moore won three decisions.

Jorge Bonvicini '24 competed for the first time while Tyler Roberts '24, Matt Rizzo, and Andrew Mahony had their first tussle with Upper Schoolers after solid Middle School seasons last year. 

A second Inter-Ac tournament will be held on Sunday, February 28, also at Germantown Academy. Participation in the Prep Nationals for select wrestlers is also a possibility with a tentative late April or early May tournament planned.

Jorge Bonvicini 0-2
Andrew Mahony 2-0
Jack Sanderson 0-2
Matt Rizzo 2-0
Justin Moderski 0-2
Tyler Roberts 0-2
Micah Ford 2-0
Tre Stubbs 0-2
RJ Moore 3-0
Tyler Guzik 3-0
Joe Cassidy 0-2
Pat Ferns 2-1
Grant Guzik 1-1
Mac Levin 1-2

Totals 16-16

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