Girls XC Honors Seniors

At Germantown Academy, Coach Zalasky and the athletic department recognized and celebrated the XC seniors before their tri-meet.

Before the meet, Coach Zalasky said a few words about seniors Skai Williams and Juniper Moscow before presenting them with an action photo and flowers. Elizabeth Castellanos and Coach Dionne were not able to attend. Thank you to Skai, Juniper, and Elizabeth. You will be missed next year!

Ella Woehlcke '24 ran fast once again as she beat her time from the week before, running an 18:23 to win the event. Veronica Gula was 2nd with a time of 19:45 and Grace Hannigan in 6th with 21:49. Sally Thistle '22 was 8th followed by Juniper Moscow, Maggie Peguero, Kaylie Atkins, and Skai Williams.

Both Germantown and SCH had 28 points with Agnes Irwin 75. GA won the event by the tie-breaker. 28 runners ran in the event.


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