More than a Dozen Additional Student-Athletes Commit to Colleges

More than a Dozen Additional Student-Athletes Commit to Colleges

In 2023, more than a dozen seniors joined the 18 student-athletes who had already committed to continuing to pursue their athletic passion at the college level next year. Thirty-six student-athletes have now committed to play on the collegiate level!

In January 2023:

Nathalie Taylor committed to playing squash at Dartmouth.

In February, the following students signed National Letters of Intent:

Abby Fitzmaurice - Soccer - St. John's
Dylan Duke - Baseball - St. Joseph's
Andrew Wood - Track & Field - Wagner College 

And in April and May signings, the following students committed:

Neil Hutchinson - Lacrosse - Ursinus College
Caroline Foley - Lacrosse - Washington and Lee University 
Hunter Rexford - Lacrosse - Haverford College 
Abigail Kenkelen - Soccer - Brandeis University 
Amanda McNesby - Soccer - Moravian University 
Daniel Heep - Soccer - Millersville University
Julania Marechal-Raymond - Track and Field - Occidental College 
Kaitlyn Melinson - Field Hockey - Denison University 
Tommy Andrews - Football - Muhlenberg College 
Colin Woehlcke - Soccer - Moravian University
Darrion Rascoe - Football/Track and Field - Susquehanna University 
Simone Kelly - Track & Field - St. Augustine's University
Jaren Morton - Basketball - Virginia Military Institute 
Courtney Oliver - Softball - Elizabethtown College

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