Crew at 1st Manny Flick Race

Crew at 1st Manny Flick Race

The Blue Devils sent out a total of 11 boats on Sunday at the first Manny Flick. Two boats won their races with the girls 1st JV quad  of S. Simon, A. Keough, E. Ward, K. McTigue and the boys 1st JV quad of J. Stephenson, J. Halfpenny, A. Topping, S. Halfpenny taking home 1st places. The girls finished in 5:26.41 while the boys crossed in 4:56.36

The girls freshman quad of O. Hayes, A. Cross, K. Chan-Vanderhelm, and B. Donahue crossed in a 2nd place.  

Boys Novice Quad - 3rd place - E. Eckert, S. Gupte, A. Mahoney, M. Leon-Palfrey
Boys Varsity Quad - 3rd place - T. Tasman, C. Miles, L. Belmonte, S. Meyer
Boys Varsity Quad - 4th place - W. Osborne, Y. Guy, Y. Gu, W Percy

Girls double - 3rd place - A. Allen, J. Wingard
Girls freshman quad - 3rd - O. Caione, M. Gleason, C. Stevenson, D. Ward
Girls Varsity Quad - 4th place - E. Webb, I. Alex, E. McLelland, D. McTamney
Girls Gig - 4th place - G. McHugh
Girls Varsity Quad - G. Leon-Palfrey, J. Freed, L. Lorenz, E. Castellanos

Congratulations, proud of you all!

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