Athletic Halls of Fame

The Springside School and Chestnut Hill Academy Athletic Halls of Fame were established to recognize and honor exceptional athletes and their athletic performances, accomplishments, and contributions to the Schools with a lasting tribute. A ceremony is held every three years to induct the newly elected members into the Hall of Fame. Our next Hall of Fame inductions will take place in October 2019.  Nominations are currently open until January 15, 2019.

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

Springside School

Emery Maine Greenwood ’06  •  Maggie Koch ’03  •  Alexandra Virginia Corning Pearson ’03 
Chestnut Hill Academy 

Mike Masland ’91 (posthumously)  •  Chris McInerney ’04  •  Rich Repetto ’01
Bob Simmons ’81  •  Tim Whitworth ’99  •  Tom Whitworth ’98
D. Stanley Parker ’68 (posthumously)

1992 CHA Soccer Team
Paul Feuer • Gregg Beideman • Dave Donch • Mike Paskey • Matt Brown
Read Goodwin • Ian Gwyn • Will Harries • Bill Zimmerman • Scot Kirkpatrick Mike Bowers • Phil Julien
Tom Kaess • Jon Freeman • Jon Bartlett • Pat Link • Mike Corvasce
Steve Belmonte • EJ Murphy • Brendan Sheehan
Coaches: Jim Talbot H’81 • Bruce Redpath
1999 CHA Track Team
Chris Crawley • Brian Derby • Alan Goykhman • Edson Greenwood •
Phil Gulesserian • Jon Henry • Ira Hill • Mike Koumaras • Beau Martin •
Anthony Prousi •
Dan Spada • Theis Weckesser • Jason White • Brookes Britcher •
Bob Buonocristiano •
Tom Kenny • Andy Kucer • Dusty Latimer • Toussaint Losier • Peter MacBride •
Lou Sigmund • Justin Smith • Derek Wilson • Ross Brindle • Nick Burke • Tris Carver • Will Clattenburg •
Ben Edwards • Dan Gargan •
Pete Perry • Bob Plunkett • LJ Reed •
Ty Weatherby • James Baumberger • Eric Burke • Greg Hampson •
Peter Harris • Bryan Hozack • John Ingram • Drew Mowery • Lion Nealy •
Rob Williams • Dave Wolfgang • Nick Levine
Coach: Paul Hines H’03
Assistant Coaches: Ron Colston H’99 (posthumously) • Dan Brewer H’10 • Tim Delehaunty •
Hugh Derby (posthumously) • Bill Harper ’58 (posthumously) • Chris Conner ’94

CHA Hall of Fame Committee

Jim Talbot H’81, Chair
Brendan Flatow '94, Co-Chiar
Read Goodwin '93
Ed Aversa H'15
Paul Hines H’03
Rick Knox ’92
Gilly Lane ’03
John McArdle ’73
Sean Plunkett ’04
Peter Stanley ’60
Dave Wilson, Athletic Director

SS Hall of Fame Committee

Rosalie Hunter ’82, Chair
BA Fish, HA
Ella Studdiford Cary ’00
Emery Maine Greenwood ’06
Aimee Keough, Assistant Director of Athletics
Leslie Blankin Lane ’75
Laura von Seldeneck Prochniak ’84
Gail Clements Redpath ’81
Katie Warwick Schreiner ’95
Emily Studdiford Vandegrift ’00
Dave Wilson, Athletic Director


Nominations are welcome, in writing, from all alumni, former and current faculty, parents of alumni, and friends. Nominations should include nominee’s name, class, sports, athletic accomplishments and awards at CHA, Springside,  college, or beyond as well as reasons for consideration.

The Nominating Committee has retained nominations and supporting information from previous years for reconsideration. There is no need to resubmit candidates unless additional accomplishments that merit consideration have been achieved.
  • Exceptional contributions to the Chestnut Hill Academy or Springside School athletic program by an individual athlete, an athletic team, a teacher-coach, or an administrator will be given primary consideration.
  • Further consideration will be given for outstanding athletic success and accomplishments through performance in college or later life that brings credit and distinction to CHA or Springside.
  • Candidates may be considered after the following time frames: 1) individuals – 10 years after graduation; 2) teams – 10 years after completion of season; 3) teachers-coaches – five years after last Chestnut Hill Academy or Springside School coaching assignment; and 4) administrators – five years after full-time employment by Chestnut Hill Academy or Springside School.
  • Candidates do not have to be a graduate but must be of exemplary character and reputation and may be elected posthumously.
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