Julian McFadden '06

Middle School Learning Support Services. Upper School Boys Varsity Basketball Coach.

Julian graduated from Chestnut Hill Academy in 2006 and started teaching at SCH Academy in 2018.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

As a young adult, I longed for a teacher who not only could cultivate my young mind, but who "looked like me." With the lack of black male classroom leadership throughout our Philadelphia area at the time, I was quickly drawn to the profession.

What attracted you to teach at SCH?

The past brought me to my present. My experience at SCH, though unique, was extremely valuable in my maturation into all elements of my "right now." The impact of former teachers and coaches, some of whom are still current mentors (Ed Aversa, Paul Hines) really pulled me to continue that tradition for our upcoming students.  

What part of SCH's mission or values is most meaningful to you as a teacher?

There are two parts of our mission that truly embody my hoped-for impact as a teacher. First, our dedication to inclusivity, both as a community and as a thought-provoking institution. Secondly, the nurturing of student self-knowledge and of the current world in which we live.  

Is there some object in your office or on your desk that has special significance to you?

My room has become a memorabilia and positive affirmation landscape over time. From my first-ever CHA hooded sweatshirt to my team captain sweater, there are multiple reminders to both myself and my students of the evolution of Mr. McFadden. Positive affirmation posters serve as a reminder of inner greatness and self-fulfilling prophecy!


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