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SCH recognizes the complex and constantly evolving skills necessary to succeed not just at the next level of schooling, but rather in the highly competitive global marketplace and beyond. Inquiry and problem solving characterize all that we do at SCH. Students are encouraged to ask questions, identify challenges, explore solutions, test conceptual boundaries, and devise their own strategies for success. Our faculty, coaches and staff nurture students’ knowledge of themselves and the world, expanding their full  academic and personal potential while preparing them to lead lives characterized by thoughtfulness, integrity, and a quest to effect positive change.

By the time our students complete their academic journey, they have not only acquired a superior college preparation, they have gained confidence, skills that lead to great inquiry, and an entrepreneurial mindset that is gained through our CEL program. Our graduates pride themselves in their preparedness for the next level of schooling, as well as for their future professional endeavors.  

Single-Sex and Coeducational Models: the best of both worlds

Girls and Boys Develop Differently. Why Not Teach Them Where They Are?
Imagine a curriculum and classroom environment designed for and around you. Imagine teachers who understand how you and your classmates like to learn and interact, and a community in which you feel free to be yourself as you explore and grow.

At SCH, our Pre-K to 12th grade program is distinguished by a thoughtfully planned progression of single-sex-to-coed learning environments enabling us to meet our students where they are, socially, developmentally, and intellectually. This unique educational model is designed so they feel empowered to explore, experiment, and grow into their authentic selves.


Situated on a 62-acre campus in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, SCH's campus has 8 athletic fields, including tennis courts, stadium, and track, and backs up on the Wissahickon Watershed woods. Distinctive features of the campus include 17 laboratories, including a 1,600-square-foot state-of-the-art Robotics and Engineering Lab, Imagineering Lab, Physics and Engineering Lab for Lower School; historic national landmark Wissahickon Inn; Sol Lewitt installation; half-acre solar array installation; Low and High Ropes Challenge Course; and five performing arts venues.

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