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SCH Financial Aid Landscape


is the range of our financial aid awards.

$18 million

is the total financial aid budget for SCH Academy.


applications are considered without regard to financial status.

Tuition & Financial Aid

What makes an sch education?

Understanding that an SCH Academy education is a significant investment in a student's future, SCH is committed to building an inclusive community from a wide range of backgrounds independent from their financial means.

Dr. Dinkins | Head of School

2023/2024 AGE / LEVEL tuition
Early Childhood 18 Months - 4 Years See Rates
Pre-Kindergarten 4 - 5 Years $26,975
Kindergarten 5 - 6 Years $30,250
Lower School Grades 1 - 4 $34,700
Middle School Grades 5 - 8 $41,450
Upper School Grades 9 - 12 $46,100



Affording an SCH Education

Family #1

This SCH family is applying for aid for Pre-K, 3rd grade, and 4th grade. One parent is employed as a business executive and earns $213,000; the other is a stay-at-home parent. 

2023-24 tuition for Pre-K: $26,975
2023-24 tuition for grade 3: $34,700
2023-24 tuition for grade 4: $34,700

Estimated financial aid grant: $69,375

Family Contribution: $27,000

Family #2

This SCH family is applying for 5th grade. The single parent is a graphic designer and earns $72,000. Their grandparent is able to contribute $3,000 towards the 5th grader's education.

2023-24 tuition for grade 5: $41,500

Estimated financial aid grant: $36,500

Family Contribution: $5,000

Family #3

This SCH family is applying for aid for 9th grade and 11th grade. The parents are divorced. One parent is a regional manager for a local pharmaceutical company and earns $240,000. The other parent works as a college administrator and earns $116,000. The parents have shared custody.

2023-24 tuition for grade 9: $46,100
2023-24 tuition for grade 11: $46,100

Estimated financial aid grant: $28,200

Family Contribution: $64,000

The SCH Financial Aid Committee carefully evaluates every family's financial aid application in accordance with school policy set forth by the Board of Trustees. The examples above are generalized, with the purpose of being a guide for prospective parents to better understand the possibilities of affording a SCH education.

Admissions Process

Click below to start your admissions journey for Lower School (Pre-K to to 4th grade), Middle School (5th to 8th grade), and Upper School (9th to 12th grade). 









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