Upper School

Library Services

Connecting ideas, information, and people

The SCH library program contributes to the diversity of teaching and learning at SCH as librarians ...
  • collaborate with teachers to extend and diversify the scope of units and projects.
  • use technology to differentiate and diversify exploration and expression.
  • identify extensive resources for teachers and students for exploration, research, and project-based learning.
  • connect with students and share passions and resources.
  • help students choose books to build competency and encourage a joy of reading through reader’s advisory.
The libraries are a hub of student activity at SCH Academy:
  • Librarians help students develop their capacity to locate, evaluate, and apply information.
  • Classes visit the library to conduct research or seek out materials for pleasure reading.
  • Librarians collaborate with teachers and visit classrooms to teach research skills, share resources, and promote reading.
  • Librarians facilitate content creation and digital publishing to give students a voice.

Meet our Librarians

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