Middle Schools
Middle School for Girls


Building Fluencies with Technology

SCH Academy uses technology across all divisions to foster critical thinking and problem solving, to build competence, to connect people and communities, to solve problems by tapping into our students’ creativity, and to personalize learning, all combined with ongoing conversations about growing up digital and the implications for being a digital citizen.
Every student in Middle School is issued a MacBook Air pre­loaded with professional-­level apps, a Google Apps for Education account, and access to additional technological resources. 

Technology in Practice

  • In fifth grade students keep an e-portfolio on Haiku in which they reflect upon their learning process on various types of small/large group/independent projects. These e-portfolio posts feature photos of their products (samples of cuneiform and ziggurats they created, examples of hieroglyphs, their Buddhism board games, the caste system, the Chinese traditions projects) as well as two to three reflection questions about both the content and the skills they used to complete it (writing, reading, creative thinking, collaboration, etc.).  
  • Participation in the “Hour of Code,” a global initiative to introduce students to programming and coding.
  • Students take coding classes in a blended learning environment, utilizing the best of traditional and online classrooms.
  • Students build an interactive staircase that plays musical notes based on people walking up and down the steps.
  • The creation of original art in software apps such as Adobe Indesign that is printed in 3D at the completion of the project.