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Middle School for Girls

Division Head Welcome

Welcome to the Middle School for Girls! 
Please enjoy perusing our site and learning about the myriad opportunities for your daughter at SCH. Whether your daughter is interested in creative writing, the sciences, coding, robotics, painting, mathematical problem-solving, music, or leadership, there is an avenue for her to pursue her passions. If you look around long enough, you may find yourself wishing that you, too, could return to Middle School!
Our faculty members are top-notch educators and dedicated to knowing, supporting, and challenging each child. Classes are engaging, hands-on, and project-based, with the girls always at the center of the activity. 
Through our strong advisory program, we ensure that every girl is cared for in all arenas: academic, social, and emotional.  Advisors form strong partnerships with their advisees’ families and serve as trusted advocates and mentors for the girls themselves.  
I encourage you to come in and visit our Middle School, as that is the best way to get a feel for our warm community and experience the academic passion that pervades the halls. I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have.  
Head of Middle School

~ Meadow Sakovics, Head of Middle School for Girls

Our teachers care deeply about the development of girls and take pride in serving as their advocates, challenging them in the classroom, empowering them to discover their passions, and helping them develop into compassionate and empathetic human beings.