Middle Schools
Middle School for Girls

Athletics and Physical Education

a competitive, interscholastic activity

The Middle School athletic program is intended as a competitive, interscholastic activity. Each student is required to participate in an athletic activity two seasons and is encouraged to participate in all three. At the start of each season there are open tryouts for each sport and teams are divided on the basis of skill level. It is the goal of the Middle School athletic program, in conjunction with its philosophy of student participation in athletics, that students be able to play the sport of their choice. To that end, the athletic program tries to avoid cutting athletes from Middle School teams. However, limited facilities and the nature of a sport can necessitate some cuts.
Beginning in 6th grade, girls participate in a minimum of two of three seasons of athletics, with four sports offered per season. They also take a Life Skills course each year to understand their physical changes and learn appropriate decision making.

Interscholastic Team Sports:
Cross Country
Golf *
Field Hockey
Crew * (8th grade only)
Fitness * Softball
Tennis Life Sports * Track
* denotes instructional programs