Middle Schools
Middle School for Girls


Electives, Service, and After-School Extracurriculars

The mission of the Middle School activities program is to complement the core curriculum with learning opportunities that engage a student’s innate sense of play and fun. While some activities seek to spark students’ intellectual curiosity and inspire their creativity, others will teach them skills or introduce them to ideas that lie outside the required curriculum.
Participation in activities provides opportunities for girls to practice emerging leadership and collaboration skills and to find their own unique voice within the community.

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  • After-School Extracurriculars

    SCH offers after-school opportunities for girls to explore their entrepreneurial, engineering, or dramatic interests through the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership’s Venture Incubator, FLL robotics, and drama (for 7th and 8th grade).
  • Community and School Service

    The Middle School has long believed in service and all students take part in the Community Service program. Girls build their sense of effectiveness and learn they are part of a larger community through opportunities to serve, both within and beyond the school. The school has long-term relationships with an array of organizations locally and globally, including Manor at Chestnut Hill, Weavers Way, Cradles to Crayons, and the SEGA School for Girls in Tanzania.
  • Electives

    Electives, which are offered during the in-school Activity period, often include Student Council, Literary Magazine, Robotics, Student Newspaper, Building Rocket Ships, Agents of Change, Yearbook, Coding, Conversational French, Eco Club, MathCounts Competition, Reading Olympics, Math Olympiad, and Cosmology.