Middle Schools

Middle School for Girls

teachers who know and understand them as individuals

The Middle School for Girls program offers a rigorous, hands-on curriculum that encompasses both the core liberal arts subjects and the ever-changing skills needed to navigate today’s world. In this transformational period of students’ development, we emphasize the process of learning, not just the content, and recognize that the skills students develop are as important as the knowledge attained. Every day, girls thrive in an environment filled with creative projects, interactive lessons, rigorous academics, challenging competitions, and teachers who know and understand them as individuals. Character, kindness, and empathy are emphasized on a daily basis.
Middle School is a time when girls are encouraged to become more independent, take risks, and reflect upon the ways they learn best. Participation in student council and other clubs and activities provides opportunities to practice emerging leadership and collaboration skills and to find their own unique voice within the community.
Through diverse and challenging experiences in and out of the classroom, and with the support and encouragement of a dedicated faculty, Middle School girls develop the confidence, resilience, empathy, knowledge, and skills to ensure their readiness for Upper School and the world.